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Your project team needs an “electrician”

A closed circuit lights your home and keeps everything running. But, if you want to replace that dated chandelier in the hallway, you need an open circuit.

Sometimes teams get lost in the renovation of a business. Invite OpenCircuit to guide innovation in your organization so wires don’t get crossed.

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Why OpenCircuit

We are your team’s guide to Release Innovation from the Routine

OpenCircuit can step into the middle of your “renovation reality” and guide your team to a solution while enhancing your team’s creativity, strategy, and innovation. Our experts will ensure your team is efficient in aligning, exploring and creating the future of your business.

Some of our “renovation” partners:

What OpenCircuit Offers

We get energized most when guiding a team from start to finish. But often organizations need a partner for a particular phase. Common places we are asked to help are:

Starting New Initiatives

OpenCircuit will ensure your teams starts with confidence they are heading the right direction. Imagine a “Vision Quest” with a map.

Seeking new insights

OpenCircuit will magnify the best of your team with new approaches and perspectives. Think of it as your personal tour guide for inspiration.

Transitioning Teams

OpenCircuit will ensure your team honors the work of the past and recognizes what new members have to offer. Its like a graduation mixed with a boot camp.

It’s not as expensive as you think.

Wondering how much this costs, but don’t want to talk quite yet? We get it. Our curiosity doesn’t always mean we are interested either. Lend us your email, and we will send more information.

A little about us

Based in Cincinnati, OpenCircuit's passion is focused on serving individuals and teams on their journey towards innovation. Our founder, Jason Born, left his own routine at Procter & Gamble to develop a platform that enables organizations to confidently explore the unknown.